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Delivering Sensible Telcommunications Solutions 

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Find out why SIP is the Rage!


 Experience Counts!  Our staff averages over 27 years experience each in telecommunications and networking. We provide only top quality products and services to our Pacific Northwest customers using the most experienced Telecommunicatons and Network Technicians.Puget Sound Telecommunications Partner for Business Telephone Systems VOIP SIP Telecom


Networking Specialists!  SIP Telecom specializes in providing Highly Reliable data and telecommunications services throughout Seattle area and the entire Puget Sound region.  Sometimes, only experience can show you where a simple change in your network design can provide an incredible improvement to your networks reliability, speed or scalability.  We recycle that old box, rather than designing from within it, when thinking out of the box really counts!


Lowering Networking Costs!  Are you taking advantage of the great cost savings of Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology?  Have you restructured your existing analog lines or T1 PRI to take advantage of today's lower, more competitive rates?

Often viewed as a "new" technology, VOIP is a disruptive technology that is changing the telecommunications market place as companies find the considerable cost savings it provides, as well as the often better quality.  Let our staff show you how to lower your telephony costs, while improving services you provide to customers and employees.  


Advanced Technology!  Did you ever think you could put in a new telephone system and lower your cost?  You can!  Let us show you how with our new cost saving PBX products.  Utilizing substantially lower cost telecommunications lines, and new cost effective and feature rich systems, we can almost always lower your costs, while providing features you have never thought possible!


Enabling the use of new Technologies!  Need to simplify your current network?  How about one product for telephone, server, email, network, wireless and remote access?  Our systems are designed for simplifying your network world. 


Running on that old Legacy Phone System Still?  Yep, that old reliable system has served you well for decades.  It rarely has problems.  And, it probably isn't supported any longer if it is like many of the old legacy phone systems.   So, when crisis hits, and you have to scrable to put your business back together, will you be buying at a ridiculous price?  Or, will you take the practical path and plan for the eventual failure and start planning to replace the system at the right price, with the right technology, and the right company?  Give us a call - we can help you plan to replace that aged Nortel, Panasonic, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Tie phone system with the Rage! Business Office Xchange!


Using industry veterans, SIP Telecom deploys systems with expertise in:

  • Customer Service and Training
  • Project Management
  • Voice & Data Engineering
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • System Programming and Provisioning
  • Advanced Helpdesk Services
  • Specializing in High Reliability and Availability Systems
  • Expertise in providing reliable power systems to your network
  • Wireless networks
  • Network Security
  • Server Implementation
  • IT Outsourcing
  • VOIP SIP Trunk Services
  • DSL, TI, Multi-T1 Service
  • Featuring Rage! Business Office Xchange, SipFoundry, Ezuce sipXecs & Epygi PBX systems.
  • CAT 5E / CAT 6 Cabling and Design

Free Consultation!  Let SIP Telecom's experts show you how to reduce your voice and data expenses today, while fullfilling your technology needs of tomorrow, with greater customer service, and an improved bottom line!  Give us a call today at 206-432-4344!



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