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Rage! BOX is a product developed by Misiu Systems LLC.  Using the best Open Source products on the market, packaged in high quality Linux servers, Misiu Systems delivers unparalleled feature benefits, cost effective solutions to meet the advanced telecommunications services for its customers.  Based on Open Standards, and using best in class products like sipXcom, Freeswitch, Polycom, Snom, Audiocodes, Epygi, Patton and others, we deliver on quality installations.  Rage! BOX scales to thousands of extensions, yet is cost effective for small installations of 5 or 10 telephones.  Out of the box, the system comes equipped to support well over 500 stations, and supports well over 50 SIP trunks.  Should you find any additional information you are needing about Rage! BOX, please let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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Rage! Users Guide

Rage! Polycom 450 User Guide

Rage! VM Quick Reference Guide

ITSP SIP trunk configuration guide

DNS Concepts for Rage!

Configuring MS DNS for Rage! 

Rage! User Quick Reference Guide

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