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The Phybridge UniPhyer. A new standard for IP Telephony infrastructure. A Low-cost, risk free, robust, quick & easy VoIP enabler.


The Phybridge UniPhyer leverages existing telephony cabling to provide a complete IP network for voice and data which allows you to centrally converge with the LAN.

  The Phybridge UniPhyer instantly provides a dedicated path for voice, QoS and POE to every desktop.  

Are you looking to transition to IP Telephony? Do you have reliable phone systems based on robust and resilient legacy PBX Systems? To find out more about how the Phybridge UniPhyer, VoIP enabler, can help your business, download the data sheet here.


Real Example Implemenation - Aging Building has Cat 3 cables, and the cost to install Cat 5 cable is cost prohibitive.  Misiu systems installs Phybridge Unifyer.  Instead of a POE switch, we install the Uniphyer.  Cost difference - a savings to the customer, bringing project in under budget, rather than over budget.  A win/win combination.

  These PBX systems however, do not integrate readily with Data Networks, a prerequisite for unified communications. IP Telephony, on the other hand, is the preferred means for unified communications, but the IP PBX/IP phones lack the reliability one has come to associate with legacy PBX Systems. The Phybridge UniPhyer enables IP phones to achieve the reliability and voice clarity of traditional phone systems without sacrificing any of the benefits of IP Phones.  
  IP PBXs and IP Phones deployed over the Phybridge UniPhyer can thus offer the robustness of traditional telephony systems and the easy mobility of IP phones.  


How does the Phybridge UniPhyer, VoIP enabler, do this? Here’s how:

Non-disruptive Transition to IP Telephony

1. Remove the existing Telco connector from the legacy PBX and connect to the Phybridge UniPhyer
2. Connect the Phybridge UniPhyer to the IP PBX or router/LAN
3. Connect the PhyAdapters to the existing telephone jacks at the desktop and connect the IP Phones to the PoE enabled phone jack on the PhyAdapter

  Uniphyer Diagram  


Call Sound IP Telecom today for a free demonstration of Phybridge products. 








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