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Tele-Communications Savings with SIP Trunks




Business Telephone System SIP VOIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are the new cost effective standard for telecommunications lines.  SIP is the Session Initialization Protocol and is a standard that is widely accepted around the world.  The beneifts of SIP are seen in its easy implementation, low cost to deploy, flexibility for innovative development, and wide availability. SIP is used to provide service between a company's PBX and an Internet Telephony Service Provider.  Misiu Systems is a reseller for Broadvox, the leader in innovative IP based telephony services.

Traditional Telephone lines used physical connections to establish your telephone calls.  With SIP, virtual connections are made between IP networks, which can be your home, your office, your clients office, or any other IP Network.  This allows us to use the internet for your voice services in the same manner that it is used for any other services.  Removing these dedicated lines means removing large costs that are associated with them.  SIP is what allows for the distributed processing of telephone calls, removing the requirement for expensive central offices and their tentacles that fill the streets with cables.

When companies make calls over the Broadvox Network, their calls run across this applications specific engineered network to be delivered to the end user either over another SIP trunk, or delivered via the local telephone companies local or extended cable network. Keeping the calls within the Broadvox virtual network ensures the delivery of high quality voice connectivity.  This design keeps calls off of the costly Public Switched Telephone Network, and within a private Internet network for the majority of its travel - drastically reducing the cost of service - which drives customer costs down.


GO!Local delivers unlimited local calling and more at a price point far below traditional TDM. Along with the other options available with GO!Xtras, long distance calling can be added in minute bundles or customers can pay per minute for their calls.

  • Discounted Long Distance bundles in the United States (excluding Alaska), Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada
  • Discounted inbound toll-free (with RespOrg portability)
  • Dynamic load balancing across multiple locations
  • Business Continuity
  • GO!Xtras Local Number Portability, Enhanced Local Number, Enhanced DID, Virtual DID, Directory Listing , Extra Toll-Free numbers, CNAM)

 As low as $12.75 per month!  Compare this to your current $30 - $55 a month lines from your local telephone company.


Long Distance as low as 2¢ a minute!

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Sometimes you just need to know what your fixed budget is for each month.  With Go!Anywhere, for one price you have unlimited local and long distance in the United Stated (excluding Alaska) and Canada.  This SIP trunk service gives you the extended range of calling coverage, with a guaranteed price each month!  The service can include DID lines, Toll Free, Enhanced 911, Local Number portability.

Had that number for many years?  Keep it, with number portability we can move your number to this cost effective service.

Go!Anywhere works with your Legacy TDM Switch, your VOIP system, or Legacy CP equipment

Imagine, lowering your monthly phone bill while increasing the productivity features available to your business.  Call us today at 206-432-4343 to get additional informaiton on Go!Anywhere SIP trunks for your Business Telephone System in Seattle, Bellevue, and the rest of Washington's Puget Sound Region.

Download our Go!Anywhere SIP Trunk Product Brochure


Misiu Systems offers Broadvox Go!Broadband broadband connectivity for customers that need additional bandwidth, or replacement for circuits that do not support the Quality of Service requirements for SIP trunks.  Go!Broadband services can be orders from DSL, to T-1, bundled T-1 and 45 MB DS3 service.

GO!Broadband Features:

  • Nationwide connectivity designed for any size business
  • Voice traffic is given highest priority and routing
  • Automatic bandwidth allocation for voice and data
  • Expert engineering support for 24x7 reliability
  • Superior performance with product options to fit any need or budget
  • Availability backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreements

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